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​6:30pm M - th only 


Sat tba on fb (open every other Sat)

During the Endurance challenge 7am walk/run 1 mile wod at 8am

starts Dec. 1 to Dec 31! nonn members welcome

Sun open gym 4:30 

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Take action TODAY! Prior to your first workout, it is required that a consultation is completed. Lets discuss your goals, experience, and let us share our vision of fitness with you!You can complete this phase by Coming to visit us, giving us a call, or sending us an email!  On completion of consultation we will then decide what path you wish to take to ultimately achieve the best results for you! Consultation and first workout will not take place on the same day. Lets get you registered first!



Personal training
Crossfit kids

If you are NEW to crossfit, elements will be required for your first month. This is necessary to ensure that all our members have a fundamental understanding of movement. Learn to move with quality and allow progression to take its course! Element class will last for 3 days and will cost $65. Saturday element class also an option for $50. This price is separate from monthly membership for general class.  Ask about promotions for each month!

Welcome to Big oak Crossfit! Our main focus is to provide you with quality coaching to optimize the quality of your life. By helping you perfect your biomechanics you will most definitely feel the progression in as little as a month! We like to think in terms of functional capability over a long period of time. Quality over quantity is something we preach and it has proven to provide our athletes with the safest environment to train in, as well the most efficient method of progression. The caliber of your ability does not matter! Everyone of all ages is encouraged join. It is never to early or to late  to embark on the journey of health.

General Class


"To change ourselves effectively, we first

had to change our perceptions" 

-Stephen r. covey

​Endurance Challenge! 1 mile walk o run everyday for 30 days!  Sign up today! start date Dec. 1!

Keep moving this Holiday season and befriend a 1 mile distance to improve your endurance.  Successful completion and dedicated athletes will be rewarded an Exclusive BOCF shirt. Mileage may be tracked on the following running apps such as maymyrun, myrunkeeper, etc. .

Learn, Progress, Grow


Are you passing through town and need a place to get your WOD in? Then come visit us! All crossfitters are welcomed at Big Oak! Visiting Big Oaks drop in $10. Traveling Drop in fee will be $20 per individual.  

New to crossfit, Element class is a  prerequisite to drop in.

Private training also available call 830-591-8269.