On completion of elements you will officially be apart of the Big Oak community. All general classes will last for the duration of 1 hour. During this time we will practice constantly varied functional movements with quality! We wish to convey our knowledge of fitness in hopes of instilling lifelong habits to truly optimize the quality of your life.  $120

Big Oak Crossfit has an array of product. We are currently carrying Progenex, Purepharma, Advocare, Big Oak T-shirts, Wrist wraps, Natural Grips, Buddy Lee Jumps ropes, and much more!



Big Oak Crossfit offers a wide range of potential services. If your looking to specialize let us a know!  830-486-9174

​General Class

John Lara Jr

Has been coaching since 2013 and has since gathered a number of credentials . He currently holds a degree from Texas State University BSRT and is CF-L1, CF-L2. He has completed a number of specialty courses which would include Crossfit Mobility, Crossfit Football, Crossfit Olympiclifting, and Crossfit Anatomy.

General Class

- Mobilty

- Personal Training

- Nutrition

- Crossfit Kids

- Product

Interested in getting some 1 on 1 instruction? Then look no further! Let us know if this is something you are interested in!This program will be customized to fit your needs perfectly!  $40 per hr. 

Through the effectiveness of mobility an individual will be able to improve performance, resiliency, and quality of life. Come work on your ranges with us every Tuesday  and Thursdays 7:30pm  text me 830-591-8269

​$50 with membership or $90 nonmembers.


Elena Lara

​is Big Oak Crossfit's owner and has been coaching crossfit for six years with a number of specialties such as CF-L1, CF-L2, Crossfit Mobility, Crossfit Football, Crossfit Olympic Lifting, and Crossfit Kids.  Elena Lara also is a RN, BSN and has a Masters in Education specializing in Counceling as a LPC.  Elena Lara is a local Uvaldean with bilingual abilities.  

"To change ourselves effectively, we first

had to change our perceptions" 

-Stephen r. covey


Sunday meal prepping at 12 noon !